Mac Donald to Tucker: The Blame For Deportation Falls On Illegal Immigrants

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Manhattan Institute fellow and author Heather Mac Donald emphasized that the blame of deportation for illegal immigrants falls on their own shoulders in a Tuesday interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight.


“It’s pretty obvious there is a crisis on our southern border. Tens of thousands people crossing illegally or arriving to demand asylum. Who is to blame for that crisis? Again and again we have heard that we, American citizens, are to blame. Are we?” Tucker asked.

He then turned to Mac Donald, asking, “Heather, this is one of those assumptions that I think most people on the other side, the open border side, they take for granted, that if there’s a crisis on the border, it’s the fault of American citizens. Is it?”

“The fact of the matter is, if you are facing a deportation risk, the person who’s responsible for that risk is you, by having made the voluntary choice to come into this country illegally. Deportation is the universal response to illegal entry across the world,” Mac Donald responded.

She continued, “It’s practiced without apology in countries south of the border. So, the American people are not to blame for this. They are simply asking that the rule of law be enforced.”

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