Don Jr. Weighs In On Man Who Assaulted Teen, Stole MAGA Hat: What If This Was An Obama Supporter?

Getty, David Becker

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Texan Hunter Richard, 16, wore a Make America Great Again hat to a local Whataburger restaurant. Kino Jimenez, 30, walked up to the teen, ripped off his hat and threw a drink in his face.

“This is gonna go right in my f**king fireplace, b*tch,” Jimenez yelled, referring to the hat. “You ain’t supporting s*it n****.” The vulgar assault and act of hatred went viral and Jimenez has since lost his job over the incident.

The president’s son, Don Jr., came to the defense of the young man who was assaulted on Twitter. Trump said the act was “disgusting and a disgrace,” continuing, “No one should feel unsafe supporting their President or agenda.”

Don Jr. then asked the tough question, “Imagine someone did this to an Obama supporter?!?!”

Fox 29 San Antonio interviewed Richard after the incident went viral. Richard said:

“I support my President, and if you don’t, let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off. I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me.”

Police are currently investigating the incident.