Fox’s Howard Kurtz Trashes GOP Defectors

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News’ media analyst Howard Kurtz questioned the motives of the never-Trumpers who are leaving the Republican Party during a Thursday night interview.


Longtime Republican Max Boot left the party after the election of Donald Trump and wrote in The Washington Post on Wednesday that he now hopes Democrats “take over” the country.

Kurtz told Fox guest host Pete Hegseth that he understands why people who oppose Trump are leaving the party but questioned why they would also actively support Democrats.

“It’s a bit hard to grasp that they are now openly rooting for Democrats given that they’ve spent their whole careers opposing them as the party of big government, big spending, weak foreign policy,” Kurtz argued.

“It’s hard not to notice — and I’m not saying this is their motivation — but it’s hard not to notice that these defections bring them favorable publicity, MSNBC contracts, and new respect from the left,” he asserted.

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