VOTE: Which Brand Makes The Best American Truck?

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Aaron Andrews Contributor
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Most everyone knows that Americans love their trucks.

It seems like it’s a part of our national identity: What do Americans do? We make our own government, we eat a lot of food and we drive big trucks.

But our trucks aren’t just for transportation. They are a symbol of good, American work ethic. We don’t just travel. We haul, we tow, we get stuff done. And we’re proud of this.

In fact in some parts of the United States, the question “What kind of a man are you?” is interchangeable with “What kind of a truck do you drive?” This has led to a special kind of tribalism in our country. You can see it in T.V. commercials that show rival truckers spitting on the logos of their competitors.

Anyways, we at the Caller are curious about the consensus of our readers.

What is the best brand of U.S. truck?

Vote, and leave us a comment below telling us what that brand means to you.