Maddow On Trump’s SCOTUS Pick: Critical ‘To The President’s Personal Fate’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Rachel Maddow went off on President Trump’s pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, chosen to replace retired Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy Monday. The MSNBC host related the nominee to Mueller’s FBI probe.


“President Trump, after less than 18 months in office, not yet halfway through one term as president, is already making his second nomination to the court. There’s only nine people on the court. This nomination comes at a time when the choice is fraught and consequential in ways that have never applied to any other U.S. President, ever,” Maddow began.

She then went on a tirade about the Russia investigation, attempting to relate the FBI’s investigation to the Supreme Court.

Maddow continued to “consider the snapshot” of the Mueller probe.

“If the president ends up in the cross hairs of the ongoing special counsel’s investigation, any number of the elements of his defense may end up before the U.S. Supreme Court. And therefore potentially because of the nominee he has named tonight,” Maddow said.

She continued with a string of questions.

“Can the president be subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury? Can a president be criminally indicted? Can the president pardon himself? Can he pardon others if the goal of the pardons is to weaken the case against himself or his family? Can individual states bring prosecutions against people the president has pardoned if he pardons them for those reasons?” she asked.

The MSNBC host went on to say, “This nomination will be both critical to the future of law and policy in this country but also to the president’s personal fate in a way we have never seen before. And that is not a normal thing you worry about with most Supreme Court nominations.”

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