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What Is The Best Gun For Home Defense?

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Aaron Andrews Contributor
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What do you grab when things go bump in the night?

Are you the kind of person that reaches for his holster? Or do you have a gun cabinet conveniently located by your bedside table? Maybe you have both.

Or are you the one who forgot to buy a gun and now has to resort to the butcher knife, the baseball bat or — God forbid — the rolling pin? If so, you should get that fixed. The adage goes that God made man, and Sam Colt made them equal. Don’t get caught in an unfair fight. Don’t get caught with an empty holster.

There are a myriad of options for home defense. While any gun will do the trick, most gun-carrying homeowners have a favorite.

We at The Daily Caller are curious about our readers’ consensus: What is your preferred gun for home defense?

Vote below! Be sure to leave us a comment sharing your favorite make and model.