‘Hawkish Stance Against Russia’: CNBC Panel On Trump Targeting Gas Pipeline

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Donald Trump is taking a “hawkish stance against Russia,” according to CNBC anchor Morgan Brennan and former CNN chairman Walter Isaacson while they discussed the president’s opposition to a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany on Wednesday.


“When you’re talking about going after an $11 billion gas pipeline that would bring Russian gas into Europe, you’re going after the very heart of the Russian economy,” Brennan stated. “That seems to me it’s a much more hawkish stance against Russia ahead of that meeting next week by President Trump.”

Isaacson chimed in with agreement.

“I actually think it’s a valid position,” he said, adding that the pipeline gives Russia “an incredible leverage” when transporting gas to Germany.

Currently in the works is an 800-mile-long pipeline, dubbed “Nord Stream 2” that would run under the Baltic Sea — in addition to the original “Nord Stream” already in place.

In addition to scrutinizing the pipeline, Trump recently called on NATO allies to increase their defense spending during the annual summit in Brussels. (Related: Here’s Why Russia Is Delivering Loads Of Natural Gas To This Deep Blue State)