10 Handshakes That Prove Trump Knows How To Dominate The Room [Slideshow]

Chris Kleponis/ CNP

Zachery Schmidt Contributor
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President Donald Trump is set to meet with Russia President Vladimir Putin on July 16 in Finland.

Over the course of Trump’s brief presidency, he has met with foreign leaders throughout the world. At many of these meetings, reporters gather around to see the free world leader shake hands with other country leaders.

Some of the photos have emerged show awkward faces, fake smiles and wrestling of arms to win position. With the upcoming summit with Russia, these type of pictures will appear when the two country leaders shake hands. Who will be the winner of the handshake, 6′ 3″ Donald Trump or 5′ 7″ Vladimir Putin?

Trump said Putin might be “the easiest person to meet” while he is in Europe. On Trump’s European tour, he recently met with European leaders to discuss the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Trump believes more countries in NATO need to pay their fair share on NATO’s expenses.