Jordan Accuser Emailed Widow A Picture Of Her Husband’s Murderer

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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An Ohio State wrestler who accused Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan of sexual abuse emailed a widow and business partner of Jordan’s brother a photo of her husband’s murderer.

According to a report, the Jordan accuser, Mike DiSabato, sent an email to widowed Nancy Schultz in April containing a photo of her husband’s killer, John du Pont. Nancy Schultz was previously married to David Schultz, an Olympic and world champion wrestler. David Schultz died in 1996 after being shot and killed by du Pont.

Nancy Schultz is also the business partner of Jeff Jordan, Rep. Jordan’s brother, and spent 20 years as a high school wrestling coach. Jeff Jordan also runs a training camp for high school wrestlers.

Jeff previously contracted from DiSabato’s wrestling line to sell his gear, but in 2014 Jeff and his partners began their own line, Rudis, and therefore did not need to contract from DiSabato. DiSabato subsequently began harassing Jeff and his company associates.

In the email to Schultz, DiSabato called her “Aunt Nancy” and said Jeff Jordan’s company Rudis is “a bastard brand funded by the blood money of a serial sex offender.”

“Mike has attempted to destroy the lives of anyone associated with my family and Rudis,” Jeff said, adding, “with my family, Rudis personnel, and Ohio State personnel being his original targets, he has now set his sights on my brother Jim.”

Correction: The article previously stated that Nancy Shultz runs a training camp for high school wrestlers. In fact, Jeff Jordan is the one who runs that training camp.

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