POLL: Which Is Trumpiest Sport In America?

William Boyd Contributor
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President Trump is always commenting on what certain professional leagues are doing with their players. The NFL immediately comes to mind for most, but Trump also has commented on the NBA and MLB when talking about sports. He plays certain sports to get away from the fast pace nature of the White House. Sometimes people have to get away, and President Trump is one of those people.

Everyone turns to sports as their getaway from the real world. Whether you are a football fan or a baseball fan, everyone has a sport they love and need to help them escape the craziness of the world. The president is no different from us in that respect.

When we think of sports, each one always carries a certain unique connotation. For example, some sports are known to be more conservative, and others are known to be more socially active. So, what is the Trumpiest sport in America? Vote above!