What’s The Most Liberal Car?

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Aaron Andrews Contributor
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Cars have a way of absorbing the character of their drivers.

For instance, a gas-guzzling pickup truck conjures up the vision of gun-slinging, beer-crushing deer hunter; an efficient and affordable commuter car reminds you of a shirt and slacks office worker; and the Hummer H3 reminds you of that rich jerk that lives alone in that big house at the end of the block.

We at The Daily Caller are wondering what car falls furthest to the left on the political spectrum. While conservatives tend to support American industry by buying American cars, liberals spend less time worrying about what country their money supports. Instead, they buy cars with a bleeding heart and an eye on the environment.

Here’s a list of cars that we think are particularly left of center. Which one of these is most liberal in your opinion?

Vote bellow! Be sure to comment and let us know if we left one out.