Hannity Delivers Crushing Rebuke Of ‘Weak, Feckless, Visionless Republicans’

Mike Brest | Reporter

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity went on a tirade against the Republicans who condemned President Donald Trump’s comments during his press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on his radio show on Monday afternoon.

“These Republicans have been so pathetically weak,” Hannity said. “They have been so feckless, they have been so visionless, they have been so uninspiring, they can’t keep the simplest of promises, and the only reason that there’s not a massive blue wave developing … is because Donald Trump has single-handedly dragged them all kicking and screaming.”

“Every single person on the list that they’re calling a conservative is not a conservative. Every single one has been a never-Trumper, a huge Trump critic,” he continued.

“I’m watching all of these Republicans and I’m thinking none of them, NONE OF THEM, have the ability to lead anything,” Hannity added.

Many people on both sides of the political spectrum have shared negative sentiments towards the press conference. Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain said it was “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in recent memory.” (RELATED: McCain: Trump Putin Presser Was ‘One Of The Most Disgraceful Performances By An American President In History’)

The president’s interview with Hannity will air Monday night.

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