‘Morning Joe’ Brings On Economist To Discuss Trump’s Mental State

(Photo: Screenshot/MSNBC)

Geoff Harbaugh Contributor
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Following President Donald Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin MSNBC brought on an economist to discuss Trump’s mental state.

Jeffrey Sachs is indeed a doctor, however the cast of “Morning Joe” failed to mention his Ph.D. from Harvard is in economics, not mental health.

Sachs began the discussion, “I think we are out of control on foreign policy, and in the hands of one completely unstable and unfit person. We don’t know what we are is seeing is dementia, psychopathy, or compromised.”

Sachs continued, “I think his psychological state is really in question. There are a lot of signs of dementia, a lot of signs of deep personality disorder traits, and its extraordinarily worrisome.”

When asked by host Joe Scarborough to lay out his greatest concerns on where a Trump presidency would lead us, Sachs continued with his bleak mental health evaluation of the president.

“I think the starting point is Trump the man and his psychological state, he is unstable, he shows very deep signs of personality disorders,” Sachs replied. “Many experts I speak with think that he’s evidencing dementia.”

The doctor added, “We have a one-person wrecking ball that is undermining every alliance. He is breaking alliances, endangering our security, endangering our economy, and he is psychologically absolutely unfit for office.”

Sachs did not comment if the experts he spoke with were in the mental health field or economists.