April Ryan Keeps Interrupting Sarah Sanders – Sarah Finally Loses It

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Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Sarah Sanders got into it with Urban Radio reporter April Ryan Wednesday for calling out a question during the White House press briefing without being called upon.

Sanders faced a tense briefing room after media scrutiny grew this week following Trump’s controversial comments made during and after a joint meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

Sanders took combative questions from the reporters she called on and even some reporters she did not call on. During one exchange, Sanders called on another reporter in the room but was interrupted by April Ryan.

Ryan began shouting about “voter suppression.” Sanders tried to ignore her and continue answering questions from other reporters who had been called on, but Ryan kept yelling her question: “You’re not going to answer that?”

“Unless I call on you, I don’t have to answer your question,” Sanders said.

Ryan complained, “I’m asking a question because you choose not to call on me.” Sarah passed on the question and Ryan threw her hand in the air and huffed,”That’s alright, fine.”

Sanders did eventually call on Ryan later in the press conference.