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D.C. Journos Pat Themselves On Back For WH Briefing

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It’s raining thank you’s in Washington Thursday as the town’s journo class puts its penchant for ass kissing on display and expresses pride in itself.

Like a bloody car wreck, it’s hard to look away, especially when CNN’s Jake Tapper and biased media host Brian Stelter express pleasure about one of their own.

The need for self congratulations began Wednesday after The Hill‘s White House reporter Jordan Fabian came riding in on a white horse and ceded his time in the White House briefing room to the gentle lady from MSNBC Hallie Jackson, who was pressing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on President Trump‘s statements about Russian Prez Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s deep disdain for the media has been a constant in his campaign and his presidency.

Jackson had already gotten in a few questions by the time Sanders insisted it was Fabian’s turn. But Fabian wasn’t having it. “Hallie, go ahead if you want,” he replied, refusing to ask Sanders a question of his own.

The scene wasn’t going to fly by without some serious self-congratulations.

“Nice work all around, from @JonKarl to @Jordanfabian!” Tapper patted his colleagues on Thursday. “Hopefully this is all part of a new solidarity we’ve seen among journalists — competitors by nature — in dealing with a hostile administration.”

Fabian also expressed some barfy self-praise: “Just extending some professional courtesy. All of us in that room are trying to do our jobs and it’s important the press corps be united around that mission.”

To be sure, Hallie had some thanking to do.

“Classy move by @Jordanfabian. And a big thanks to him from our team at @NBCNews. “Follow-up questions are a part of our jobs, and it’s helpful to be able to ask them,” Jackson praised Fabian on Twitter.

CNN’s Stelter practically grew orgasmic over Fabian’s act of chivalry.

Playboy‘s White House reporter Brian Karem, who often throws tantrums in the briefing room, remarked, “Today @Jordanfabian displayed professionalism and class in allowing a fellow reporter to ask the question in the briefing.”

TV host Lawrence O’Donnell (D-MSNBC) also felt the need to kiss the press. “Best day yet for White House solidarity,” he gushed.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell hailed Fabian’s greatness. “Great to see @JordanFabian backing up @HallieJackson at the briefing only way to beat that no-follow up rule unique to this White House and try to get to the facts.”

Longtime Washington newsman James Fallows wrote simply, “Thank you Jordan Fabian.”

The Atlantic‘s Rosie Gray was warmed by the incident.

“This was a nice moment of press corps solidarity,” she wrote.