Judge Pirro Shushes ‘The View’ And Wrecks Obama In The Process

The View 7/19/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Judge Jeanine Pirro shushed the hosts of “The View” and criticized former President Barack Obama’s red lines that were drawn in the sand around Russia’s actions during her Thursday appearance on the ABC talk show.


The conversation began with Whoopi Goldberg’s remark that it was a mistake in hindsight for President Donald Trump to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week.

But Fox News’ Pirro jumped in: “We are arming the people in the Ukraine. $70 billion of arms while Barack Obama stood by and let Russia go in.”

“Let me finish,” Pirro said as she felt someone was trying to cut her off.

“As a result of the annexing of Crimea, we have thrown out Russian officials and nationalists. We have closed consulates. We are also in the United States making sure that — with respect to Russia, had Obama done anything about the red line,” she continued before being interrupted again.

“Obama drawing the line in the red sand and doing nothing about a red line in the sand, we wouldn’t have killed hundreds of Russians who were over there,” Pirro continued after Sunny Hostin finished interrupting her.

While many people have condemned the president’s actions, others have come out in support. Of self-identified Republicans, 79 percent were supportive of how Trump handled himself at the conference, according to an Axios poll released earlier on Thursday. (RELATED: Poll: Republicans Overwhelmingly Support Trump’s Putin Press Conference)