MSNBC Contributor Suggests People Who Don’t Think Trump Is ‘In The Bag’ For Putin May Be ‘Impaired’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC contributor John Heilemann implied that people who don’t think that President Trump is “in the bag” for Vladimir Putin may be “impaired.”


“At the end of the week, when Trump should have been embarrassed and humiliated and trying to put distance between himself and Putin, he came out and said he’s inviting him to Washington and is going to give him a big, fat reward for hacking our election and messing with our democratic processes,” Heilemann said.

“There is no one in the country right now who is not impaired or a moron, who doesn’t see that Donald Trump is in the bag for Vladimir Putin at the end of this week,” he added. “That’s why people like David Ignatius and other people this week, have been saying something that I think is fundamentally true, that you could hear the fabric of the presidency ripping this week.” (RELATED: MSNBC Commentator: ‘People Need To Start Taking To The Streets. This Is A Dictator.’)

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