Dem Congressman Continues Calls For A Pelosi Replacement

Mike Brest Reporter
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Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton continued his fight for new party leadership while railing against current party head Nancy Pelosi during an interview Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”


“What we need is a new generation of leadership to be honest about the problems that we face,” Moulton said. “A lot of Americans are hurting and a lot of Americans are working two or three jobs to make ends meat. And we need a leader who will talk about the future and not bring us back to the past.”

“We need a uniter in our party. We can continue to have the narrow and divisive politics with our current leaders or can find leaders who will bring us together?” he continued.

Multiple Democratic congressional candidates have expressed a desire for younger, new party leadership as well.

Kathleen Williams, a Democrat running in Montana, released an ad earlier this week explicitly saying that she wanted new leaders. “That’s why I won’t be voting for Nancy Pelosi for leader. Instead, I’ll push to find a new leadership team that ensures Congress works for all of us,” she said. (RELATED: Democratic Congressional Candidate Campaigns On Opposition To Pelosi)

Katie Hill and Gil Cisneros, two Democratic hopefuls running for California seats, both tried distancing themselves last week as well.

“But I am going to talk about the kind of leadership we need. And I’ve been out across the country recruiting especially young veterans to run there are many more who decided to run on their own and I support their campaigns,” Moulton added.