This $17 Car Charger Also Works As A Portable Battery Pack

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Conventional car adapters are invaluable for many commuters, giving them a convenient and reliable charge-up opportunity. However, when away from the car for long periods, having to lug around a socket charger and find outlets can be a real nuisance. The PowerItUp 2-in-1 plugs into the car for on-the-road charging but also functions as a mobile power-bank when you take it out, entirely solving the issue. It’s also currently on 57% discount at The Daily Caller Shop, bringing the price to just $16.99.

Normally $40, this car adapter/power bank is 57 percent off

Normally $40, this car adapter/power bank is 57 percent off

PowerItUp 2-in-1 USB Car Adapter & Power Bank on sale for $16.99

Take the PowerItUp with you in any situation thanks to the durable, ergonomic build. You’re also protected from overcharge & overcurrent by design. Just glance at the LEDs to get a quick power reading, and the fuse is replaceable if it shorts. There’s even a 24-month standby time in case you need to stop using it for a while. It’ll be ready to go immediately when you come back.

If you’ve been looking for a device that’s always there for a charge, in the car and out, then check out this PowerItUp—only $16.99 after 57% off right now at the shop.

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