Kamala Harris: We Must View Illegal Immigrant Children As Our Own

REUTERS/Bob Strong

Mike Brest Reporter
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Sen. Kamala Harris expressed her support for the illegal immigrants who have been separated from their families at the border while addressing a group of protesters in the Hart Senate Office Building on Thursday.

She called the Trump administration’s policy the “ultimate act of inhumanity” and “illegal,” adding that people should view these children as “children of all of us.”

“This is about saying we are a community of people and that the children of any one of us [are] the children of all of us. These are our children,” Harris stated. “That’s who we are … We should each think of them as being our own and we should treat them that way.”

She also added that a parent’s love for their child is the “purest forms of love,” and it’s one the government should respect.

Thursday’s protest took place in the one of the Senate office building.

Harris has been very critical of the president’s immigration policy in the past. She is also considered to be a candidate for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020 but has not formally made a statement either confirming or denying those rumors. (RELATED: Kamala Harris Feeds Presidential Run Rumors By Signing Book Deal)