Prankster Puts Putin’s Mug In Spot Where President Trump’s Portrait Should Be At Colorado State Capitol

Photo credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images

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A prankster on Thursday placed a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the space normally reserved for President Trump’s portrait at the Colorado State Capitol building.

According to Denver’s 9News, the portrait was placed on an easel in the building’s wall of presidential portraits. When discovered, it was taken down by a tour guide, but not before Democratic state Senator Steve Fenberg shared a picture of the unknown prankster’s work on Twitter.

The spot would normally be reserved for the presidential portrait but was empty because the group that takes care of presidential portraits in the building, the Colorado Citizens for Culture, did not yet have the $10,000 needed to make the purchase. 9News reports that the group currently has yet to raise any money toward the $10,000 amount. (RELATED: Poll: A Staggering Number Of Republicans Approve Of Trump’s Helsinki Performance)

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