Dershowitz: Mueller Is Just Trying To ‘Squeeze’ Manafort To Get Something On Trump

Fox News 7/31/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz attacked special counsel Robert Mueller for the way in which he is prosecuting former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort while on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday night.


“It’s very simple. His crime is being associated with Donald Trump. Don’t listen to me on this, listen to Judge Ellis. The judge who is presiding over the case. The judge ruled and said, they are not interested in Manafort. Mueller is not interested in Manafort. They are just trying to get him convicted so they can squeeze him,” Dershowitz stated. “If you squeeze a witness not only does the witness sing, but sometimes according to the judge, the witness composes.”

“If he hadn’t been associated with the Trump campaign he’d be out in New York or wherever doing his business,” he continued.

Carlson then asked how what Mueller was doing was different that what the mafia does.

Dershowitz responded, “Unfortunately it is the way that justice has been practiced against the mafia and against terrorists and we civil libertarians have long been opposed to this way of dealing with problems.”

Paul Manafort’s trial began on Tuesday, when the selected the jury was selected. The focus at trial will be Manafort’s work from 2005 through 2014 for the Party of Regions, a Ukrainian political party. (RELATED: Manafort Case Goes To Trial, But Don’t Expect To Hear Evidence Of Collusion)