Tucker Carlson Comes Down Hard On Illegal Immigrant Advocate, Says He Could Be Removed ‘By Force’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed illegal immigrant advocate and attorney Cesar Vargas on Fox News Monday, and reminded him he is not an American citizen.

Carlson and Vargas were discussing Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s decision to cease sharing criminal data with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), when the debate became personal. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Interviews Alan Dershowitz About Claims Trump Will Resign)

“Let me explain our system to you because I know you are here illegally,” Carlson said. “You made a silly point, I destroyed it. Let’s get to the real meat of this debate which is, how actually does it help the citizens? … How does it help allowing criminals to go unpunished, or to escape federal law enforcement?”

Vargas, who has a green card and works as an attorney in New York, said ICE will still have access to violent criminals who are in the U.S. illegally, but will not be alerted when an illegal commits minor infractions.

“People voted for those laws and you’re now saying that it’s immoral to enforce them. So I guess I’m the one who believes in democracy, not you,” Carlson replied.

Carlson said it would be “anarchy” to selectively enforce federal law and asked why immigration laws aren’t as well respected by the left as gun control laws.


“So why is this different,” he asked. “Because one is fashionable and helps the Democratic Party and the other is not. Right?”

When Vargas couldn’t provide a direct answer, the two debated whether or not illegal immigrants should enjoy constitutional rights in the U.S., or be allowed to collect money from entitlement programs.

“It goes to the concept of citizenship,” Vargas said. “As a nation we have matured. From only free, landowner white people to now.”

“Don’t hit me with the race crap,” Carlson interrupted. “You have no right as a citizen of a country controlled by the conquistadors, you don’t get to lecture me.”

“You’re here illegally,” Carlson continued. “I don’t know what chutzpah is in Spanish, but for you sitting here illegally — and we’re not deporting you or having you like taken out by force.”

Vargas reminded Carlson he has a green card now and Carlson congratulated him by saying, “Mazel Tov.”

“We all are Americans,” Vargas said. “No you’re not actually,” Carlson replied. “You’re a Mexican citizen I believe.”

“I’m Mexican-American,” Vargas concluded.

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