Sarah Sanders Flips The Script On Reporter Who Asks If Press Is The ‘Enemy Of The People’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Sarah Sanders was asked about a recent Trump comment calling the press the “enemy of the American people.”

A reporter asked Sanders, “Is the press the enemy of the people or not?”

Sarah was prepared for the question, saying, “The president is frustrated.”

Sanders then went on a long critique of the media’s coverage of the administration:

“Ninty percent of the coverage on [Trump] is negative, despite the economy is booming, ISIS on the run and American leadership has been reasserted around the world. This week, the media refused to cover his remarks in Florida to highlight effort on the workforce development. The pooler for the press said there was no news made despite the fact that the governor of the state joined with dozens of businesses across the state of Florida to announce thousands of new jobs.”

Sanders continued, “It may not be news in Washington, D.C., but it is news in the state of Florida that people who didn’t have a job before the president took office have better opportunity and the opportunity to have a job moving forward. That is actually real news. And it’s something that people in the state of Florida and across the country appreciate. It was totally ignored.”

Sanders then hit one of her favorite targets hard: “Not only that — a journalist on CNN claimed the president hadn’t taken questions in a week despite the fact that the same journalist did a live shot from the two and two press conference that the president had with the prime minister of Italy moments after making that accusation. With this misinformation and the look of interest that is so pervasive in the media, it’s completely understandable for the president to be frustrated.”