Woman Arrested For Climbing The Statue Of Liberty Trolls Melania At Court

Danny Owens/via REUTERS

Mike Brest Reporter
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The woman who was arrested for climbing the Statue of Liberty to protest President Trump’s immigration policy in early July trolled the first lady on the way to her court hearing Friday.

Patricia Okoumou, an immigrant herself, sported a dress with “I really care why won’t u? Be best” printed on the back, taking a dig at Melania Trump.

In June, the first lady wore a controversial $39 jacket from Zara, a popular European brand, that read, “I really don’t care, do u?” on the back, according to The Daily Mail.

At the time she wore the jacket, the first lady was making her way to a child detention center at the southern border. Critics of Melania jumped at the opportunity to say the jacket was a kind of anti-immigrant message. (RELATED: Melania’s Pre-Flight Jacket Has Media In An Uproar)

On July 4, Okoumou scaled the statue, leading to the evacuation of Liberty Island. Authorities were forced to shut down the monument for hundreds of tourists while they brought in a team to bring her down safely. (RELATED: Crazy ICE Protester Scales Statue Of Liberty, Forces Tourists To Evacuate)