Federal Judge Rules Trump Administration Must Fully Restart The DACA Program

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Mike Brest Reporter
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A federal judge ruled on Friday afternoon that the Trump administration must restart the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Judge John Bates stated in his opinion that the Trump administration failed to provide sufficient justification for ending President Obama’s program.

The program itself provides temporary opportunities for children who were brought into the United States illegally to remain in the country. Some 800,000 people, nicknamed “Dreamers,” have been allowed to stay in the country under DACA.

The judge also said in his opinion that they had 20 days “to determine whether it intends to appeal the Court’s decision and, if so, to seek a stay pending appeal.”

President Trump followed through on a campaign promise last September when he ended DACA, but did it in a way that allowed beneficiaries to continue using the program temporarily and it gave Congress a chance to pass a legislation to fix the situation. (RELATED: Trump Administration Announces Rollback Of DACA Program)