What Is The Best Action Movie Of All Time?

Phillip Young Contributor
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There is no doubt that the greatest movies come from Hollywood. Whether you prefer drama, comedy or romance, Hollywood’s got you covered.

In 2016, the global box office revenue totaled $38 billion and is forecast to increase to $50 billion in 2020. The fact is, people love watching movies, whether they go to the theater or they prefer to watch at home.

Some of the most iconic movies of all time share one common genre: action. There is nothing quite like an action movie. What is more entertaining than watching the good guys destroy the villains? It always happens in the James Bond series. It happens in the Indiana Jones series. It happens in the Die Hard series.

Nothing compares to the feeling we all get when the protagonist comes out on top in the end. We sympathize with the good guys, and when they finally win, which they always do, we too feel victorious with them.

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