Michael Caputo Blasts Adam Schiff: ‘It’s Really Hard To Tell The Difference Between Adam Schiff And [The Media]’

Fox News 8/6/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former Trump campaign employee Michael Caputo attacked Congressman Adam Schiff for his comments about the president’s tweets on The Story With Martha MacCallum on Fox News, Monday evening.


“It’s really hard to tell the difference between Adam Schiff and a member of the media. And the fact that they go into a tizzy and an outrage of the week and start wringing their hands like it’s the end of the world,” Caputo stated.

“I think most of the viewers here and all of us on the show right now understand that this is the way they act, this is the way they’re move forward and they’re always going to do this,” he continued. “This is Trump derangement syndrome infects Adam Schiff just as much as it infects the news media.”

Caputo’s comments were in response to what Schiff said about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting in Trump Towers on CBS’s Face The Nation on Sunday. He said, “I think there’s plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight. Now, that’s a different statement than saying that there’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a criminal conspiracy.”

President Trump tweeted that his son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower was “totally legal and done all the time in politics,” this weekend.

As soon as the tweet was sent, the establishment media went into a frenzy, suggesting that the president could’ve put the nail in his son’s own coffin. (RELATED: Media Outlets Hype Trump Tweet As New Admission – Forget He Said The Same Thing Last Year)