Giuliani Blames ‘Democratic Rule’ For Chicago’s Weekend Carnage

Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Rudy Giuliani laid the blame for the latest episode of Chicago killings squarely at the feet of “Democratic rule” in a Monday night tweet.

The president’s lawyer and former New York City mayor was commenting on the past weekend’s shooting bloodshed that left 11 dead and at least 70 wounded, saying it was the “direct result of one-party Democratic rule for decades.”

But Giuliani wasn’t just tweeting criticism of current Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s record that has seen homicides continue to skyrocket in the Windy City. “America’s Mayor” suggested that Rahm’s opponent in the next mayoralty race, Jerry McCarthy, can do a much better job.

“Policing genius Jerry McCarthy can do for Chicago what I did for NYC,” Giuliani wrote. “He was one of the architects of Compstat. Slashed homicides over 70 percent. Tens of thousands of lives saved.”

But, as Fox News reports, McCarthy isn’t exactly seeking Giuliani’s endorsement. The candidate continues to identify with the Democratic Party and has voiced his opposition to “the misguided, divisive tone and policies of Donald Trump.”

But McCarthy does think Rahm needs to be replaced because he says the current mayor’s “weak leadership and failed policies” are at the root of Chicago’s epidemic of gun violence.

According to the Fox report, police blamed the spike in gun killings on the free-flow of illegal firearms and the August heat.

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