Obama Faith Leader: Democrats Are Too Focused On Saving Abortion In Regards To Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Mike Brest Reporter
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Michael Wear, the director of faith outreach for President Obama’s 2012 campaign, discussed a new article he published on the Democrats all-consuming focus on abortion in regards to Kavanaugh’s nomination in an interview with Tucker Carlson.


“Well there is a range of implications of Kavanaugh filling this seat that concern Democrats from a Democratic policy perspective from immigration to voting rights to corporate power and workers protection, and yet out of the gate it seemed like the only thing the Supreme Court was going to rule on was abortion,” Wear stated.

Wear’s article was about the Democrats’ focus on how Kavanaugh’s confirmation could impact the legality of abortions — while they have seemingly disregarded every other issue he could impact.

“You saw major activists and even some Democratic leaders say that the preeminent focus was on Roe V. Wade, which to many Democratic voters and I think many Americans, seems a bit off,” he added.

“The party has moved quite a bit on this issue but it’s been a relatively recent move. It used to be that Democratic Party, throughout the party, people called for abortion to be safe, legal and rare,” Wear continued. “Barack Obama called as president for the number of abortions to be reduced. We actually saw the abortion rate in this country to reach its all-time low.”