Trump Voters On CNN Panel Debate If The President Is Racist


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A CNN panel of Trump voters devolved into near-chaos on Tuesday as the panelists debated whether or not the president is racist.


CNN pitted ex-Trump supporters and current Trump supporters against one another on the panel, asking them why they voted for Trump in 2016 and how they evaluate his performance thus far in office.

Damani Bryant Felder, a Trump supporter and the sole black person on the panel, repeatedly tried to defend the president from accusations that he is racist.

When one panelist apologized to the nation for his vote and called Trump racist, Felder responded, “I take great offense to the fact that you felt the need to apologize on behalf of the entire nation because that says to me that you’re invalidating the validity of my vote.”

“Based on my perception of him, he is not a racist,” Felder added. “He has done so much for the black community.”

The panel began shouting at one another, with one asserting that Trump calling Don Lemon and LeBron James stupid is proof that he is a racist.

“When you call someone’s intellect into question it has nothing to do with race,” Felder shot back.

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