With Upset Possible, MSNBC Guest Starts Tearing Down Kris Kobach

Geoff Harbaugh Contributor
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As polls closed in Kansas Tuesday Night in the Republican governor primary, it didn’t take long for MSNBC to start its attack on Kansas secretary of state, and Trump backed candidate Kris Kobach.

Guest Jason Kander claimed Kobach “has this really dangerous villainous superpower to say racist, and extremist and horrible things.”

Kander, former Democratic secretary of state for Missouri and current Kansas City Mayor candidate, appeared in a panel discussing on “All In” with Chris Hayes. The host called Kobach, a longtime nemesis of Kander, and asked him about when they both held the position of secretary of state. Kander replied, “Our states never went to war, so success there.”

Kander went on to say, “My very first meeting at the Secretaries of State Association, where he [Kobach] came in with this resolution that he wanted to pass, that we would all sign onto, that said we were gonna keep the federal government out of elections. And I said it’s partisan, and he said there is nothing partisan about this. And I said well look one party wants to keep the party out of federal elections and the other party wants to let black people vote. We kind of haven’t been friends since.”

Kander continued, “The deal with Kris Kobach is this, he has this really dangerous, villainous superpower, and it is to say racist and extremist and horrible things, in what can sometimes appear to be a reasonable tone of voice. That is really, really dangerous.”

Donald Turmp gave Kobach a late endorsement on Twitter Monday.

At the time of this article, Kobach had a slight lead over incumbent Gov. Jeff Coyler by 191 votes with provisional and mail-in ballots still yet to be counted.