Matt Gaetz: Twitter Is Smothering Conservative Voices

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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz was one of many conservatives “shadow banned” on Twitter after the website allegedly changed their algorithm. These conservative’s Twitter accounts were suppressed because the site’s search function made their profiles harder to find.

“When you search Matt Gaetz, you don’t get the account that is @MattGaetz which has 33,000 follower. You don’t get @RepMattGaetz, which has over 80,000 followers. Instead you get @NotMattGaetz, that’s what you get. I think @NotMattGaetz has fewer than 12 followers. But that’s what happens when you search for me,” the congressman said.

“The reason is because social media companies take advantage of federal laws that allow them to have liability protection because they are neutral. So there are laws that we have that say, ‘if you are a neutral platform, a public forum, then you get protection from various types of lawsuits,'” he continued. “So Twitter and Facebook and YouTube access those immunities. Then at the same time, you get @NotMattGaetz when you search me instead of my verified legitimate account.”

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