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Scaramucci Says Omarosa Is Loyal To The Prez, Takes A Dig At CNN Analyst

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The most jarring thing former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said in his interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Thursday is that Anthony Scaramucci is a good person.

No, really. Just ask him.

But first, let’s let him ease any worries President Trump may have about Omarosa‘s upcoming Sunday appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd to supposedly unload about her time in the White House. The book is, after all, called Unhinged. So you’d think she want to air some dirty laundry for such a pristine TV hit.

Not so, says Scaramucci.

“Well, listen I don’t like the notion that these people are taping the president,” the Mooch told Wolf Thursday afternoon. “Having said that, I like Omarosa a great deal. My guess is there is nothing on those tapes. …I talked to Omarosa yesterday. She loves the President and the President’s family. I don’t think there is anything in those tapes that are [sic] going to be explosive or nefarious.”

Hmmm. Scaramucci doesn’t appear to be a great predictor of what happens when someone who works in the White House gets taped. In fact, he’s still not pleased about what then-New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza did when he recorded their phone call and caused a major explosion in Washington after exposing Scaramucci’s foul mouth and thoughts in the pages of The New Yorker. Chief of Staff John Kelly fired him 11 days in.

“I got taped by somebody who still goes on your air,” Scaramucci said, suggesting what, that CNN ought to fire Lizza? Lizza is a CNN political analyst who also writes for GQ. “I thought he was friend. I obviously made a mistake. That’s my fault. I have to own it. When you’re a good person, you don’t think people are going to do that sort of activity.”

Wait. Wait. Wait. So Scaramucci is declaring himself a good person?

Who does that? What kind of a good person says they are a good person?

But please, Mooch, continue. “That’s naiveté on my part of course,” he said regarding Lizza recording him. “I’m sure the President is miffed. …I don’t like it at all. I personally would never do it.”

Omarosa says she has secret recordings of Trump.

We’ll see Sunday if she’s got the goods.

In the meantime, Scaramucci thinks Trump can breathe easy.