Trump Blasts Media Fact-Checkers – Alludes To WaPo In Particular

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump attacked the establishment media’s fact-checking abilities, and singled out the Washington Post in particular during a speech at a private fundraiser for Rep. Claudia Tenney, on Monday evening.


Trump stated, “I thought what I’d do is just do this a little bit different. Just read out some of the things that we’ve accomplished because no one has ever accomplished like we’ve accomplished. Look at this. Page after page.”

“And I’ve been here, right? I’ve been here for less than two years,” the president continued. “I can tell you and they will go and check it. The one thing with them, they fact-check. Even their fact-checking is wrong. If I am right or if I’m 97.3% right, they will say he’s got a pinocchio or he is lying. Oh, they are bad people.”

The “pinocchio” Trump referred to was the Washington Post’s fact-checking section. When looking into a claim made by a someone they will rate the validity of the claim on a scale of one pinocchios to four pinocchios, with four being the most false type of statement.

Earlier this month, the Post’s Aaron Blake claimed in a fact-check piece that no one in the media ever said that Sanders “should be choked.” Sanders, whom he was fact-checking, was referring to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, who suggested on her show in May that she wanted to “wring” Sanders’ neck. (RELATED: Washington Post Twists Itself Into A Pretzel To Accuse Sanders Of Lying)

Tenney, the incumbent, is running against Democrat Anthony Brindisi in November for New York’s 22nd district.

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