CNN Contributor Backhandedly Defends The White House, Saying Black People Don’t Want To Work There

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN contributor Bakari Sellers backhandedly defended the White House by saying that its staff is not racially diverse because black people don’t want to work in the White House on CNN Monday night.


The comments were made during a panel made up of Sellers, Ana Navarro and Steve Cortes — all three of whom are contributors — with Don Lemon moderating.

“It’s kind of difficult, and this is to defend the White House, which is kind of a weird position for me to take. But I don’t know any qualified, self-respecting African-Americans who want to work in the White House at this point,” Sellers stated. “And so your heart goes out to those who still want to serve their country and attempt to do what’s right for their country.”

The conversation centered around an interview between ABC News’ Jonathan Karl and Kellyanne Conway. Conway was asked who the highest-ranking black person was in the West Wing, and she was unable to answer the question fully.

“I think it’s very difficult. At this point in time, you’re not working for George W. Bush, you’re not working for Ronald Reagan,” he continued. “You’re working for the equivalent of what many of us believe to be a George Wallace with the dog whistle he uses.”

Cortes, a Trump supporter, responded, “There is not a scintilla of evidence that this president is a racist. And just because you say it every time you’re on CNN and just because this show says it every single night, doesn’t make it true, and all he has done is make life better for minorities.”

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