Tucker Carlson And Tammy Bruce Condemn CNN’s Cuomo For Excusing Antifa

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson and Tammy Bruce reacted on Tuesday to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, expressing their shock and dismay that he would excuse the violence perpetrated by Antifa over the past weekend. “It’s hard to believe we’re hearing this out loud on television,” Carlson said.


This segment began by airing the clip of Cuomo explaining his differentiation among Antifa and the alt-right.

“When someone comes to call out bigots and it gets hot, even physical, are they equally as wrong as the bigot they’re fighting? I argue no. Fighting against hate matters,” he said on Monday. (RELATED: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Excuses Antifa’s Violence Because ‘All Punches Are Not Equal Morally’)

Carlson stated, “So political violence is acceptable as long as you agree with me. It’s hard to believe we’re hearing this out loud on television, but we are.”

“This remarkably obscene suggestion that certain violence is okay against your fellow Americans. We have a system here that is unique in that people who would disagree with, we can argue against them and we have these ideas in the open and we can even marginalize them, and we can make it public that we don’t like them,” Bruce said.

“What they are suggesting is that all of that should go out the window. And that’s the problem here. Here’s why they’re doing it,” she continued. “They have also invested in a narrative that shows that President Trump is the creation of a new racism, that America is a racist country and the only way to prove that of course is with events like this.”