C-SPAN Segment Gets Awkward When Crazed Caller Calls Obama The N-Word

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Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman on Sunday revealed via Twitter the “most exciting part” of his appearance on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” was when a caller referred to former President Obama by using the n-word, then hoped for his death.

“The most exciting part of my appearance on C-SPAN this morning was definitely when a caller shouted ‘Death to the ni**er Obama!'” Waldman tweeted.

During a conversation about President Trump’s hiring of Omarosa Manigault Newman, a man named Christopher called via the Republican line and began by insisting that Obama “is an illegal alien.”

“How do you know this?” the host asked.

The audio is cut off as the caller begins to talk again, but a Raw Story review of the show “suggested that C-SPAN had used its 7-second delay to cut off the caller before the slur aired.”

When the segment returned, it was obvious that both men in the studio were visibly shaken by the remark.

“Let’s try to get somebody who has something constructive to add to the conversation,” said the host as the segment continued.


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