Make Smoothies, Soups, And More With This Versatile Blender That’s 60% Off

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While everyone is a fan of smoothies and slushies during summer, they can be a bit too cold during winter, especially if you live in part of the country where it snows. But, that shouldn’t stop you from getting plenty of mileage from your blender, which is why having a versatile one is great for year-round use. With the Kenwood ThermoResist Blender, prepare cold and hot meals while getting a great consistency each time.

Normally $250, this blender is 60 percent off

Normally $250, this blender is 60 percent off

Kenwood ThermoResist Blender on sale for $99

This blender makes it easy to prepare your favorite cold and hot meals. Outfitted with powerful stainless steel blades, a thermal-shock resistant goblet, and five different blending speeds, it makes smoothies, slushies, soups, and more while always achieving the right consistency. Meaning, if it’s summer and you want to beat the heat with a cold drink, you can toss in ice and other frozen fruit to safely prepare a tasty smoothie without damaging the blades or the goblet. Much in the same way, if it’s winter and you want to warm up with some hearty soup, throw in the heated liquids and sit back as the blender does the hard work of preparing it all together with a texture you’ll love.

Even better, this blender includes a mini chopper and mill attachment. This means you can also prepare herbs, spices, coffee beans, and grains, which is perfect if you’re looking to add new flavors to your favorites or need your morning cup of joe to get through the day.

Make smoothies, soups, and more with the Kenwood ThermoResist Blender for $99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 60% off the original price of $249.99.

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