A Judge Who Founded A PP Clinic Is Now Preventing More Videos To Be Released

Fox News 8/23/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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David Daleiden, the project lead at The Center for Medical Progress, discussed the gag order a judge issued to prevent him from releasing at least a dozen tapes incriminating Planned Parenthood on Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday night.


In regards to the judge, Daleiden said, “that is what is so blatantly unconstitutional about the gag order that Judge William Orrick, at the behest of his friends at Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation, has issued against me and the Center of Medical Progress against releasing the further extensive undercover videotapes that we have of top-level Planned Parenthood abortion doctors and executives networking at the National Abortion Federation annual meetings.”

“Judge Orrick, for his part is the founder of a Planned Parenthood clinic in northern California, in San Francisco. He helped open and run and fund this Planned Parenthood clinic for many years before he was a judge,” he continued.

“Now he is somehow the judge who is sitting in judgment over these lawsuits brought by planned Parenthood and their proxies with the National Abortion Federation trying to shut down my freedom of speech, the freedom of speech of all pro-life Americans and really of any citizen journalists.”

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