Conway Asks If Cuomo Is Jealous Of Fox News’ Ratings

CNN 8/23/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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The president’s advisor Kellyanne Conway accused CNN’s Chris Cuomo of being jealous of Fox News’ ratings during an interview on Cuomo’s show Thursday night.


The topic of ratings came up when Cuomo said he couldn’t allow Conway to spread what he called incorrect facts, and adding that if she wanted to do that, she should go to Fox News. (RELATED: WWE Gives A Primetime Ratings Smackdown)

“I’m so glad you mentioned Fox [News] because none of you are able to get through most of your shows without mentioning them. It’s not a good look,” Conway stated.

Throughout the interview Cuomo and Conway went back and forth sending jabs to the other. They discussed everything from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to the economy to the Trump Administration. (RELATED: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Politicizes The Politicalization Of Mollie Tibbetts’ Death)

Cuomo interjected, “What are you talking about? I almost never mention them.”

“It’s not a good look to be so jealous of Fox News’ ratings,” she responded.

“I’m jealous of the opportunities they get to test power, they just don’t take them. That’s what I’m jealous of.”

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