Tucker Exposes The Hypocrisy Of The #MeToo Movement, Calls Out Rose McGowan

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ripped #MeToo movement leader Rose McGowan for her statements about fellow activist Asia Argento, who was recently accused of sexual assault herself, on his show Friday night.


“Somehow in all the excitement around the #metoo movement we have lost sight of that. And it became … it came to a moment where it’s guilty because accused. And a lot of people without evidence had their reputation ruined. Now there are people that are guilty of serious harassment and sexual predation and we have to keep them accountable,” Christina Hoff Sommers, from the American Enterprise Institute, said.

“So I think most of us understand that most people accused not just of harassment but of anything, probably guilty. But not all. Some are innocent,” Carlson responded.

Argento allegedly paid off a 17-year old actor who she had sexual relations with even though he was under the age of consent in California at the time of the sexual encounter. (RELATED: Asia Argento Completely Denies Sexually Assaulting A 17-Year-Old, Blames Payoff On Anthony Bourdain)

As Carlson pointed out, McGowan originally tweeted that every sexual assault survivor should be believed without question, whereas she recently tweeted that people should take their time and not rush to judgment with regard to the Argento allegations.

“The whole idea of due process has been lost on the college campus where we have had, by now hundreds of cases of young men who were subject to kangaroo court justice. No one was taking their side or very few. Those of us on the outside and groups like FIRE who have been making a plea for due process. I actually agree with Rose McGowan that we should proceed with care, in all cases,” she added.

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