Tucker Explodes On Female Professor Who Hates All Men

Mike Brest Reporter

Tucker Carlson debated University of Maryland professor Jason Nichols about a professor that exposed her hatred for all men in a Washington Post op-ed on Carlson’s show Monday night.


“The professor demanded that men stop running for political office, said men shouldn’t be in charge of anything anyway. After all, she wrote, ‘we have every right to hate you,'” Carlson began. “Why is it that we turn our children over to the care of the least happy, least mentally stable, least impressive people in our society? Is there anybody unhappier than this woman, do you think in America?”

According to the Washington Post, the op-ed titled, “Why can’t we hate men?” was written by Suzanna Walters, who is “a professor of sociology and director of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at Northeastern University, is the editor of the gender studies journal Signs.”

“I think you would do fine. The reason being, show me her evaluations. Are students out there saying Professor Walters, I believe her name is, Professor Walters mistreated me?” Nichols fought back, suggesting that the professor’s views would be acceptable if it does not effect her ability to grade male students.

Carlson fired back, “Of course we are, but if she stood up and said I dislike — fill in the blank, some ethnic group, Polynesians. I was mugged by a Polynesian, I hate them. I have every right to hate them. Well if you are a Polynesian kid I think you would have a right to say ‘Gee can I be treated fairly in this class?'”

Nichols proceeded to bring up the gender demographics of Fortune 500 CEOs.

“It’s very hard for me not to keep on with the invective because she’s so dumb that it shocks me she could teach in a college, okay? But I will set that aside and ask if you believe that, how can you occupy a paying job in a university that a woman should be sitting in?” the show host concluded sarcastically.

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