Kellyanne Conway Rakes CNN Over The Coals Over False Lanny Davis Report

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Kellyanne Conway criticized CNN on Wednesday for the network’s refusal to apologize for a July report that claimed former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was willing to testify that President Trump knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting before it happened.

The report was based on at least one anonymous source that turned out to be Cohen attorney Lanny Davis, who has since said he was mistaken. (RELATED: Lanny Davis Busts CNN: Admits He Was Source For Network’s Debunked Trump Tower Story)


“Well, I did get two questions in about this very topic that’s burning a whole week later,” Conway told Fox News host Sean Hannity, referring to an appearance she made on CNN with Chris Cuomo to discuss the issue. “Twice if not three times I confronted him with the fact that CNN – including on his show – had let this lie fly for over a month now and that this bombshell report they had talked about had been quickly unraveling and discredited and would they in fact admit that? In his attempt to get me to call the president of the United States the L-word, which I would not do and he was trying to do that again and again.”

“But I got in the question about this issue,” Conway continued. “The story has been discredited, that Lanny Davis has admitted he made a mistake and that he didn’t have the information. But remember, what Davis said his client would tell Mueller is central to the entire theme of collusion which the president says is phoney. And it’s so central to the claim of collusion that without that, the bombshell report is just a bomb.”

Conway then hammered the network for its refusal to simply retract the story and apologize.

“This goes to the problem we have, which is trust immediately, tweet incessantly verify never, so long as it’s negative, negative, negative. Why won’t CNN just say look, it was based on false reporting, we retract it and we apologize?” she asked before going over several lies the network has made in the past.

“People make mistakes, but those who are constantly assailing everyone else are loath to admit it,” said Conway, adding that the network also omits “important information” from their viewing audience, such as the good news coming from the economy under President Trump.

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