Theresa May Was ‘Moved By The Spirit’ In Africa And Susan Rice Just Can’t Handle It

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A video of British Prime Minister Theresa May dancing during a trip to Kenya made the rounds on social media on Thursday — and eventually inspired former Obama official Susan Rice to beg somebody to please “help her.”

The video of May dancing awkwardly with Kenyan scouts on Thursday at the United Nations’ Nairobi campus caught Rice’s eye after it was tweeted by Newsweek and shared by Judicial Watch’s Jeremiah Dunleavy IV.

“OMG,” Rice tweeted. “I’ve seen a lot of leaders go to Africa and get moved by the spirit, but this takes the cake. Somebody help her, please.”

Most Twitter responses to May’s dance routine poked fun at the British PM, but a common theme included a video of a former president as well as a famous scene from Seinfeld:

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