Keep Your Bottled Drinks Cold With This Chill Bottle That’s Less Than $25

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There’s nothing better than kicking back by the pool, the lake, or the beach during the summer with family, friends, and cold drinks. While it may be easy to corral people to join you for a sunny day by the water, it’s a bit harder to make sure your drinks stay refreshing all day long. With a 1Hydro Chill Bottle, keep your favorite bottled drinks cold for a better way to enjoy them wherever you go, all day long.

Normally $29, this bottle is 13 percent off

Normally $29, this bottle is 13 percent off

1Hydro Chill Bottle on sale for $24.99

This innovative bottle keeps your drink cold all day long — here’s how it works. Its stainless steel powder-coated exterior and neoprene interior work together to lock in the cold temperature of your beverage. Meaning, if you chill a bottled soda or beer and stick it in the 1Hydro, it’ll stay cold to the end of the day, so you’ll never have to gulp down a lukewarm catastrophe again. Even better, thanks to this bottle’s original lid, your drink will stay fresh and retain its flavor long after you pop off its cap.

On top of that, it also protects your bottle and keeps it discreet. This means you’ll make any glass bottle virtually break-proof when it’s tucked away cozy in the 1Hydro Chill Bottle. Plus, by housing your glass bottle inside it, you’ll keep it hidden so that you can enjoy your favorite drink anywhere without judging eyes.

Enjoy colder drinks for longer with a 1Hydro Chill Bottle for $24.99 in The Daily Caller Shop, which is 13% off its original price of $29. And be sure to use the coupon code LABORDAY15 for an additional 15% off at checkout.

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