During Memorial, George W. Bush Delivers The Perfect McCain Tribute In The Front Row

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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As America mourns the loss of Arizona Republican John McCain, many have praised the late senator’s willingness to reach across the aisle in friendship if not always in political agreement — and in one moment during McCain’s memorial service on Saturday, former President George W. Bush delivered on that sentiment.

The video shared by Roland Scahill is only four seconds long, but it shows a smiling George W. Bush taking what appears to be a piece of candy from Laura Bush. He then passes it to former First Lady Michelle Obama, who is seated on his other side. She mouths the words, “thank you,” while former President Obama, on her other side, just nods and smiles.

“George W. Bush sneaking a piece of candy to Michelle Obama is warming my heart,” Scahill captioned the video.

And Scahill was not the only one to notice.

Bush also honored McCain at Saturday’s service with a eulogy that touched on his own personal history with the late senator, but he summed up his feelings in one brief statement near the beginning of his remarks.

“The thing about John’s life was the amazing sweep of it,” he said. “From a tiny prison cell in Vietnam to the floor of the United States Senate. From troublemaking plebe to presidential candidate. Wherever John passed throughout the world, people immediately knew there was a leader in their midst. In one epic life was written the courage and greatness of our country.”

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