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Glenn Beck Claims He Has Learned To Think Before He Speaks

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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American conservative political commentator Glenn Beck is staging a nationwide intervention.

That alone should give people reason to fear for the the state of our nation.

But seriously, the guy who has spent plenty of time on TV crying and stirring up scandal and conspiracy theories on his radio show, thinks the country is addicted to rage, which just so happens to be the name of his new book.

Beck seems to have some self-awareness that he has contributed to the problem.

“After learning the hard way about the importance of thinking before speaking, Glenn invites audiences to have intimate conversation about overcoming America’s partisan divide by thinking like recovering addicts,” says a note from his publicist, Allison Bartella.

His book hits the shelves September 18.

Beck wants his readers to think like addicts. After all, he thinks of himself as a “professional drunk.” In real life, he is acquainted with alcohol — after what he believes to be the drowning suicide of his mother and stepbrother, he has said he turned to Jack Daniels for help. He is technically a recovering alcoholic and addict who also has ADHD. He credits Alcoholics Anonymous with helping him get sober.

“In his new book, the New York Times bestselling author challenges readers to think like recovering addicts to overcome America’s outrage addiction, partisan resentment and division,” the release states.

“With a nod to the traditional twelve-step program and drawing from lessons learned as a self-proclaimed former ‘professional drunk,’ Beck encourages readers to grow through self-reflection. He believes Americans are now less accepting and forgiving than in the past, creating a divide that may lead to the destruction of fundamental American ideals.”

Beck tries to be funny.

“As the world’s leading expert on what not to do, I urge everyone – don’t be like me!” Beck said in the statement.

His angry tour begins in early October, when he will hit 12 cities, including Houston, Orlando, Dallas and Tulsa.

You won’t, however, see Beck for free. It’ll cost you. You can choose from the “Elite” package or the “VIP.” Both sound pretty important. The “Elite” gets you in the first five rows and two free drinks at a Beck-hosted happy hour. It’ll also get you a meet and greet with Beck as well as a photo! You’ll also get first access to “merch” shopping and early entry.

There’s more.

You’ll get a personalized copy of his book along with a Glenn Beck commemorative coin — who doesn’t want this?????!!!

The “VIP” package is something to sneeze at.

In this lackluster package you get a reserved seat, a meet-and-greet with Beck, a photo with Beck, a signed copy of his book, the coin, a VIP laminate (???), early entry and first access to “merch” shopping.

So basically this is the “Elite” package minus the alcohol.

And who wants to go to an “intimate” anything let alone a 12-step addiction tour with Glenn Beck without a few drinks under your belt? (Unless you’re a true addict, then you don’t want to do this.)

Pricing is all over the place. In Houston, the cost to get into Glenn’s event ranges from $35 to $75 depending on where you sit. And in Dallas, it’s $35-$95. Tickets in San Antonio will set you back $34.50, $49.50, or $94.50 — or else you can just buy them in bulk for your entire extended family or church.

And don’t even think about putting your baby on your lap and getting little Dixie in free.

She has to pay, too, as will any child who sits on any lap.