Trump On Immigration: ‘We Have The Worst Laws In The History Of Any Country’

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Donald Trump again went after U.S. immigration policies Friday during an event in South Dakota.


“We have the worst laws in the history of any country,” Trump said. “We have laws, catch and release, you catch them and then you release them and you tell them ‘come back to court. Let’s see, we can get you a hearing in three years, please be back in three years.’ And they don’t understand what you’re saying because they don’t speak the language.”

He continued, “Many of them are greeted by lawyers at the border. You know that, right? You have lawyers standing at the border saying, ‘repeat after me, read this statement: I have been abused, I need safety, it is for my personal health. Oh, okay, congratulations! You’ve just become a citizen of the United States of America.'” (RELATED: Trump Trolls Sen. Booker For His ‘Spartacus’)

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