Ben Sasse Admits He ‘Regularly’ Considers Leaving Republican Party

REUTERS/Gary Cameron - RTS95HM

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Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a frequent Trump critic and a part of the #NeverTrump movement during the 2016 presidential election, admitted via Twitter on Saturday that he “regularly” considers leaving the GOP.

A Twitter user said she switched her vote from “Democrat” to “no-party” to be “part of the solution” and asked if Sasse had “considered following suit.” Sasse wrote, “Yep – regularly consider it (except the ‘from Dem’ part).”

When a user wrote, “You can thank Trump for that,” Sasse acknowledged what he perceived as the president’s role.

“He is accelerating the trend, obviously,” wrote Sasse. “But it didn’t start two years ago. (Eg, you should check out the polling on the giant share of Democrats that believed George W. Bush knowingly concealed the 9/11 plot against America.)”

Early in 2016, Sasse became the first GOP senator to announce his refusal to support Trump should he win the Republican nomination.

“My current answer for who I would support in a hypothetical matchup between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton is: Neither of them,” he wrote in 2016. “I sincerely hope we select one of the other GOP candidates, but if Donald Trump ends up as the GOP nominee, conservatives will need to find a third option.”

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